Privacy Policy

Individuals providing personal information on this website are doing so freely in exchange for some or all of the collection of reports, information and other valuable considerations offered free of charge to the public on this website.

We are in the business of providing professional real estate services to those who contact us for assistance in that area of expertise. It is our intention to use the said information both now and in the future in the pursuit of that objective through follow-up activity and future contact as the circumstances warrant.

Since real estate is a life-long interest for most capable individuals, and often spans numerous individual transactions and interest-points over a lifetime, we retain the information in our files for some time, that is, for as long as it seems reasonable in each instance. Of course, all persons wishing to look at, change or remove any of their own personal information contained in our files may do so by contacting us at We will comply with your wishes immediately.

Your provision of personal information to this website means that you agree and consent that we may collect and use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, you are requested not to provide any personal information to us at

We consider it a professional privilege that you would share your personal information with us in the furtherance of your, and our goals. We will never knowingly divulge or share any of your personal information to anyone not associated with our offices. The single exception to this is where we are required by law or by order of a tribunal to do so.

Thank you, and please enjoy our website and the services it offers. Any suggestions you may have to make this service better will be welcomed.